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Posted on 08/10

Mackenzie and Lindy got to greet Laurie at the door and go over her schedule for the day.  We had many laughs.

Showing off our beam skills!

Nothing beats a high five with Laurie smile

Getting great advice for some new skills!

Group hug after a great beam practice <3

Autographs with Laurie!

Nothing beats the excitement had meeting Laurie.  The energy level was through the roof!!!!

Tumbling advice from Laurie.  Meagan was listening to every word.

Autographs with Laurie

Beam advice with a great Q & A afterwards.

Autographs with Laurie

Q & A with Laurie after beam practice.  Love how she takes the time to talk with all of the girls!

Autographs with Laurie

It's a DANCE PARTY!!!  

Laurie's new book "I got this" was signed for these contest winners.

All day long there were group hugs.

Laurie taking the time to demonstrate a jump to one of our preschool girls.  Learning from the expert!

High fives for everyone after a great beam workout <3

Autographs with Laurie

Laurie took the time to sign her cast too.

Autographed poster of Laurie.  

Autographs with Laurie

Laurie taking the time to talk to all of the girls

Autographs with Laurie

Beam advice from Laurie.

Personalized Q & A time with Laurie

Answering questions from the girls

More Q & A time with the girls.  

We had an AMAZING day getting to hang out with Laurie Hernandez!  Our girls got to spend time talking with her, showing off their skills, receive some great advice, and have a dance party!!! 08/04/gold-medalist-laurie- hernandez-columbia-friday- raise-money-fight-breast- cancer/pic/152211/

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